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Welcome to my webpage, Thanks for dropping by. Here you can find music, videos of my own doing. A few tips: The sites interactive features are Facebook based. So if you are login to your account you will be able to comment and like things that i post here on the site. Thank you to anyone that follows and i hope you can find some entertainment in the lame things i do with my life.


Here one can get up to date Music, Videos, and other Projects info. Any changes in the site as i learn and progress will also be posted here.




The life of a youtube celebrity has always seemed like an amazing life. Meeting new people, traveling the US and the sometimes the world. Filming short films. music videos, almost every aspect of this life modivates me to do more then what i am doing. No one can tell what will happen in a few days or years but you can always tell what will not happen by the action or should i say lack of action taken. Things dont fall into your lap you have to put yourself out there and most of all learn from everything. There is no failure for people who try new things, or at least thats how i see it. So i urge anyone who is reading this to get up and try something you always wanted to do dont be afraid to fail, keep learning and keep moving forward.


If you didnt notice, this site is called alejandropresents and the original idea was to not only bring you content of my own making but to present the content of others. Are you a painter? Do you do photography? How about write? and much more. I am more then happy to show off peoples work. Do you want to help design the site make logos, offer up advice or suggestions please do!




More to come...




Is a personal project that i started in the summer of 2010. It started as a way to learn how to build and run a website, and hopefully will one day grow into something.

music picCovers (EP)

1. Wish You Were Here.
2. Last Train
3. Hey There Dalilah
4. Fall For You
5. Swing Life Away
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